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Monday, February 13, 2012

Think Spring

Hey Blog Buddies,

Thanks for all of your kind comments.  I truly do appreciate them.  We have more snow predicted here in the Chicago area overnight, and if I think about that I'll get all depressed, so instead I choose to think Spring.  I came across a little Prairie Schooler card with a Spring design in my stash, no doubt gotten for free from either a shop or a guild event some time in the indeterminate past.

It was a very quick stitch--
I started it about 3 days ago
and it's already finished!
It gave me a nice break
from my larger WIPs.

Continuing right along in the same vein,
the project at our guild meeting
last week was a mixed-media needlebook,
and the results looked very Springlike indeed.
The best part of it was
the project was super quick and easy--
just fuse the materials to one another with an iron.
The only sewing that was needed
was to attach the felt pages for the needles.

We were all given a foundation of
two pieces of fabric sewn together with
some heavier fabric in the middle.
Our kits contained pieces of colored paper,
snippets from books,
brightly colored cheese cloth,
2 pieces of felt to attach inside for the needles,
tatted chains, stamps,
lots of stuff!

We fused the layers together
with "Misty Fuse" and an iron,
and topped it all off with a piece of tulle.

This is the back cover of the book.
I like it better than the front!
But this is the danger of photographing your work:
the dog hair that you see (I know you do!)
is actually fused in between the layers!
I hadn't noticed it before I looked at the photo.

I have an opportunity to improve on this though.
I bought two extra needlebooks,
and now I have a better idea of how
to arrange my trinkets on them.
One can never have too many needlebooks
(hopefully without dog hairs!).

Hope you're enjoying whatever you're doing today.

Thanks for visiting!


Beth Pearce said...

Love your Prairie Schooler Spring it does uplift the mood. Your needlebook is very clever, I would never have thought to do that, but it really works. And, I can not see any dog hair - LOL!

Carla said...

Great finishes!

cucki said...

sweet finish xxx

Sarah said...

Cute wee stitch. Your needlebook is so clever!

Happy Baker said...

Love your stitching even if it is for spring and not another snow day!! haha You are an inspiration to me......J

Julie said...

Great projects you have done and have on the go.Love the Up Town Stitcher.

Meari said...

Nice finishes!