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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

WIPocalypse 2012 - February Report

Hey Blog Buddies,

It's time for the February WIPocalypse report already!  Time sure flies when you're stitchin.'  I've worked on three things over the past month, and decent progress has been made, I think.

First, we'll check out Allesandra Adelaide's CT13.  Here's where I started out a month ago:

And here's where I am now:

I added a little extra on the lower right
since my last update
just because I couldn't leave it sitting "unbalanced."
Everything's got to stay more or less symmetrical.
(It's part of my problem, dontcha know!)

Next we have our old friend, the Uptown Stitcher.
Here's where she was at a month ago:

Here's what she looks like today:

Did a bunch of little details
(finished the boots, French knots on dress
and added grass for her to stand on)
and started the background.
I've decided to keep the background color
even though it's close in color to her
shopping bag (not shown here).
She needs to get done.

Last, I have a finish to show you!!
Here is Snow Patches by the Cross-Eyed Cricket
a month ago:

And here he is now.  I finished him yesterday:
I switched around the colors
and even some of the patchwork patterns.
The purple buttons were left-over
from another design.
They go with the hearts on his mittens.
I was going to use beads for his eyes,
but comparing the size of the beads to the
size of the buttons, he would have looked too
(are you ready?)
beady-eyed  (teehee).
So I did French knots instead.
They're not perfect, but then again
no two stones are the same in nature, are they?
He's got a little character,
and I'm happy with the way he turned out.

That's it for my February WIPocalypse report.
Go here to find links to all of the
February WIPocalypse reports.
Happy blog hopping and..

Thanks for visiting!!


Patty C. said...

Love your Snow Patches - He's a cutie ;)

cucki said...

Such lovely stitching ,,,
Keep well deary,,
Big warm jugs xxx

robindefender said...

Hooray for the finish! Looks like you made good progress on your other pieces as well.

Beth Pearce said...

Congrats on your finish! And you have come along way on your other two pieces!

Sarah said...

Looks like great progress all round. Your finish is lovely - love the colour changes you made, he looks very vibrant now!

Diane (di) said...

Beautiful stitching (and I am chuckling big time over Uptown Stitcher... love her!). :)

geeky Heather said...

Wonderful progress!! Congrats on Snow Patches!

Maureen said...

cute finish - and I love the red you have chose for the Alessandra Adelaide piece

Ziggyeor said...

great finish and I love your other progress.

Mangogirl said...

gorgeous stitching :D

MoonBeam said...

The uptown stitcher is a riot!

Siobhán said...

Fantastic progress! I just love your finish--that snowman is adorable!