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Monday, April 2, 2012

Another Walk in the Rainforest

Hey Blog Buddies,

This was my week for working on Rainforest Revisited, and my goal was to stitch eight squares.  I'm happy to say that I accomplished that, even though the time devoted to it might have exceeded a week by a day or two.  But hey, it's my rule and I can bend it if I want to!  Following are the eight squares newly added to the piece:

This is probably the most "boring" square
in my opinion, although everything is relative.

The star in this square is constructed
very similarly to a waffle stitch.
It stitches up quickly once you get a rhythm going.

The rather zany variegated thread here is
a Caron Watercolour called "Burnt Toast."
I have never seen pinks or purples in toast!

Kids, don't try to stitch this one if you're tired...
The diagram alone gave me a headache,
but I like the finished product.

You can see every crack where the canvas shows
through in this close-up shot!
But it's not that noticeable to the naked eye
even 18 inches away...

Watercolours "Sticks and Stones" was used for the middle,
one of my new favorite colors.

This is the only square (so far) that has called for
metallic threads.  I like the sparkle.

Last but certainly not least is
another waffle-stitched star.
The instructions were to use
a 3-yard piece of thread(!) so that you
wouldn't have to start a new thread midstream.
This is probably my favorite square so far.
(My favorite keeps changing.)

I'll save the photo of the piece as a whole
for the WIPocalypse update on Friday.
Gotta have something new to show then!

Hope your weekend was fun!
Thanks for visiting!


Claudette497 said...

Your walk through the rainforest is looking wonderful! Can't wait for the WIPocalypse to see it all together!

geeky Heather said...

Oooo, I love all the closeups you've given us! They all look great. I think you need a "boring" one every once in a while to relax you after the super-complex ones!

I had to LOL at the Burnt Toast...only way it would get pinks and purples is if you put jam on it afterwards, or if it were already growing some interesting new life on it before you toasted it! =D

Sarah said...

Lovely squares! I really need to try some canvas work. Burnt toast certainly is a bit . . surprising!

Beth Pearce said...

The Rainforest squares are gorgeous. Of course, I would like the one that must have been hardest, but it sure looks cool!

Lelia said...


Your squares are stunning What beautiful patterns and fibers.
Color choices are perfect.

See you Tuesday

Laurita Hall said...

Your work is amazing!!!


Shaunterria Owens said...

You are using so many beautiful colors and different types of sttihes with this, it really is a joy to look at. Thank you for sharing this :)

Joysze said...

Wow... these squares are amazing!! I love them. :D