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Monday, March 25, 2013

The March Halloween Ornie

Hey Blog Buddies,
Hope you had a groovy weekend.  The weather here is still a bit wintry for so late in March.  Just another excuse to stay home and stitch!

So far--and I know it's only March--I am keeping up with Lainey's Halloween Ornament SAL blog.  This month's theme was haunted houses, so I chose the haunted house from Prairie Schooler's Boo to You booklet:
I changed the colors a bit because
I thought the model looked too cheery:
I used 40-count PTP Heritage linen
which is a mottled khaki green (hard to tell in the photo),
I "turned out the lights" in the windows,
and the door is purple instead of orange.
I used Gloriana Charcoal instead of DMC 310
and I like the coverage better.
The silk floss is just a wee bit fatter than the cotton.
I guess I will be using it for future ornies
in spite of the fact that I hate stitching with it
(it sticks to my fingers and continually pops out of the needle!).

And it's finish-finished!

I'm making these into ornaments as I go along
because I can't think of anything worse
than having 10 stitched-but-unfinished ornaments
come October!

Over the weekend, I started to think spring
despite the fact that we had a bit of snow here yesterday.
But I'm not complaining:  the folks south of here
got 10-12 inches and we got less than an inch.
I know my UK friends have had more than their share, too.

Here is my start on Erica Michaels' Random Thoughts of Spring:
The fabric is a 30-count overdyed springy green color--
I'm very bad about keeping track of fabric names.
And I'm using two strands of good old DMC 500
which makes me a happy camper.

Don't know how much stitching I'll get in this week.
Our local cable company is having a "Watchathon"
until the end of this month,
which means you can catch up on past seasons of programs for "free"
(read:  no additional fee).
So I'm planning on watching all three seasons of Downton Abbey.
I have one week.
And no, they don't allow you to record "on demand" shows.
I probably won't be stitching while watching because
when I listen to folks with different accents,
I usually have to pay more attention!

Well, I'm off to watch Episode 2 of Season 1.
And to those of you in the northern hemisphere:
c'mon join me in thinking spring!

Thanks for visiting!


Karen said...

I love your Halloween ornament and
all of your colour changes.

I haven't watched Downtown Abby before, but I'm sure I would be if I had all of the seasons available to me for free!! Enjoy your week of tv.

Linda said...

I love your little ornament and great new start.


Jules said...

Love the ornie! I haven't looked at the original design (yet) but I think Halloween is always better in "spookier" color schemes! Nice job!!

♥ Nia said...

Your halloween ornament looks so pretty :) congrats!!

Carol said...

Such a cute Halloween finish--and I've learned through experience that it's always wise to "ornamentalize" as you go :) I do love your new WIP, too--it has been on my "must stitch" list for a while now...

Enjoy all those seasons of Downton Abbey--I still need to watch the very last episode of season three...Am saving it for a special evening :)

Faith... said...

Love the Random Thoughts of Spring! The Halloween ornament looks great too.

cucki said...

love the ornie so much..
big hugs x

Chris said...

I love your Halloween finish! I have totally failed at this SAL. Hopeful I will recover. Lol.
I love the sweet spring start too.

Julie said...

Such a lovely halloween finish, it looks super.
A beautiful new Spring start, lets hope it kick starts Mother Nature to crank up the temps a little!

Have a lovely Easter and enjoy your Downton marathon session, i do love that programme.

Topcho said...

The Halloween ornie is so cute! I love your finish, and your wip is lovely too. Wihisng all the best!

Lili said...

Pretty halloween ornament!!
Cute spring project!!Enjoy!
Hugs x