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Monday, March 11, 2013

To Stitch or To Knit?

Hey Blog Buddies,
Both stitching and knitting were vying for my attention this past week (which is weird because "I don't knit")!  But 2013 is turning out to be kinda weird all the way around for me so far.  How I solved the problem was--I did a little of both.  I'll show you the knitting first:
This is a pretty big project (for me).
It's going to be a cowl, and the circular needles
are 32 inches long.
I believe I cast on enough for a 40" cowl (159 stitches),
so I can double it up when I wear it,
which will probably not happen until next winter.
I have two skeins of yarn,
and I'm just going to knit until they are both used up!
It's a nice, mindless piece.
The yarn is Malabrigo Merino Worsted again,
 a bit darker than what I used for my mittens,
but certainly in the same color family.
And yes, the piece is all seed stitch.

Stitchers, don't you fret--
I have something for you, too.

Most of you will recognize this as
Little House Needlework's ever-popular
Home of a Needleworker (Too).
I've had this kitted up for a while now,
and it was on my 2013 to-stitch list.
The only things I have left to do are
the house and all the flowering vines.
Oh yes, and the bird's legs!
I used 32-count Belfast Antique Ivory linen
instead of the called-for 28-count,
and it's still working up a bit larger than I thought it would.

The 9" of snow we got last Tuesday is all but gone now.
We've had rain much of this past weekend
in addition to the warmer weather,
so flooding is an issue, but no water in the house yet.
Molly has demanded a rubber raft
because she sleeps downstairs!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend.
Thanks so much for visiting!


cucki said...

sweet stitching and sweet knitting..
love x

Anne said...

You go, girl! Stitching AND knitting - wow! I'll try not to idolize you, but it's getting harder and harder!

Pauline said...

It looks all nice and pretty, have fun with both technics!!

♥ Nia said...

both fun projects :D

PegC said...

hmmm I have a "I'm not a knitter project sitting in my closet too" hmmm this is kind of inspiring! May have to pull that out this weekend and follow your lead.

Linda said...

Love both the projects your working on.


Julie said...

The cowl is looking lovely and i love your stitching progress (i too have this in my stash awaiting a start).
I always have some knitting on the pins as well as a stitchy project on the frame, sometimes you just need to relax and not have to count those little x's.

Happy crafting!

Chris said...

Both projects look great!!

Silverlotus said...

I love "Home of a Needleworker". (I really should stitch it one day.) Yours is turning out really great!

The cowl in progress looks very nice. Even though I am a non-wooly, I still think Mal is very soft. I bet it will be wonderful to wear.

Carol said...

Sometimes I'm glad I'm only a stitcher--I fear I would never accomplish anything if I had to decide between multiple passions :)

Love both of your projects!

Sally said...

Lovely knitting and stitching. Your LHN is coming along beautifully.

Karen said...

Both look great! I have that LHN pattern in my stash too. It is a really cute design.

Claire said...

Love your stitching, I can't knit very well.x