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Monday, July 22, 2013


Hey Blog Buddies,

Hope you all had a groovy July weekend.  Well, another IHSW (International Hermit and Stitch Weekend) has come and gone.  I didn't get that much stitching in Friday through Sunday for various reasons, but I "cheated" and made up for it this morning.  However, I'm sure that Joyce at Random Ramblings will forgive me.  (heheh)

First up is the ornament for the
Halloween 2013 SAL.
This month's theme was bats/spiders,
so I chose Sweetheart Tree's
Itty Bitty Kitty - Halloween design.
The design is very small, and it's a good thing
because there were quite a few
quarter stitches and backstitching.
You'll notice it's not ornamentified yet.
I was definitely not in the mood to do that,
but it needs to get done before I start
the August ornament.
Then I decided to dust off my canvaswork pumpkin--
it's been on hiatus since shortly after the workshop.
Here is another case of the photo
not even coming close to doing the piece justice.
It's hard to make out the sparkly orange Treasure Braid,
the olive green Burmilana wool
and the burgundy Petite Very Velvet threads,
but they're there, and this little section
looks fantastic in real life.
It's right at the tip of the middle "football."
There are five adjoining football shapes which,
when finish-finished, will make up
a 3-dimensional pumpkin.
I'll be working on this piece all week,
so stay tuned for a more detailed update on the whole thing.
That's it for now.
Click on over to Random Ramblings to see
what the other hermitters were up to this weekend.
Thanks for organizing this, Joyce!
And thank you for visiting
and leaving your kind comments!


cucki said...

sweet stitches..i love them.
big hugs x

Emma/Itzy said...

Such a cute ornament! :)

Julie said...

Fabulous Halloween little design, so cute.

Scattered Threads said...

Love your finish and the charms on your ornie.

Silverlotus said...

Oh, that kitty is adorable!! Great job.

Chris said...

I love your Halloween design for the month. Lovely canvas work too.

♥ Nia said...

Such a cute stitching! Love your halloween piece :)

Fidike said...

Your stichings are beautiful!

Karen said...

I love the Itty Bitty Kitty series from Sweetheart Tree. They are just adorable. Your Halloween one turned out perfectly! Look forward to seeing the pumpkin progress. :)

Anne said...

It's super cute Pat!! Love the little finish with the added flowers and spider!!

Happy Baker said...

I love the Halloween ornament!

Anne said...

Your Halloween ornament is too cute with the spider and web, as well as the flowers! I'm looking forward to seeing the finished pumpkin, as I know it will be spectacular!

Minnie said...

That is an adorable finish and up close the section of the pumpkin is gorgeous, I can see all of the textures.

Carol said...

Oh, such a cute finish!! I just love any design with a black cat and this one has so many great details :) How is the spider constructed? He is very realistic!

Sharon said...

Pretty Halloween ornament!

Meari said...

The itty bitty kitty is adorable. Congrats on your finish!