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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Lake County Fair

Hi Blog Buddies,

It's been a while, and some of you may be wondering what I've been up to (or not).  Well, I have been stitching, and later this week I'll have stitchy stuff to share, but today I'd like to take you with me to the Lake County Fair.  This City Girl just loves county fairs (especially Lake County).  Wanna take a spin around the fair?  C'mon!

This Fair has been going strong for 161 years,
but they are not the oldest fair in Indiana.
That honor goes to the LaPorte County Fair.
Are you hungry?

You're in fried food heaven....
...with beverages to wash it all down.
There's always lots of heavy equipment on display.
I love watching the horse competitions.
Do these kids have bad posture? 
Are they checking their smart phones?  No!
They are all holding apples under their chins!
Last one who drops their apple wins.
Next there was the egg race.
Same principle:  last one who drops their egg
(sitting on a spoon)
This big guy comes every year with his owner,
who makes name tags for dogs while you wait.
And speaking of big guys...
...the biggest pumpkin always draws a crowd.
Yes, that's 754.5 pounds!
We are now in the Agricultural Building,
and we won't be leaving any time soon.
They grow their sunflowers tall in Indiana!
Who can resist the Wonderful World of Gourds?
They were keeping the (live) bees cool with a fan,
even though the day itself was pleasantly cool.
One of my favorite categories:  Freak Vegetable or Fruit
...because I'm weird.
DH loves the Industrial Building as much
as I love the Agricultural.
It's populated by building contractors,
cookware demos,
ShamWow salespeople
and even a company that sell caskets.
Nothing to see here--let's move on.
No visit to the fair would be complete
without a stop at this building.
But we won't actually be going inside today.
Do you see that gigantic bee guarding the entrance?
Instead, I'll send you here,
to see all the exhibits which my sister stitchers and I
entered into the fair this year.
We all had a blast during exhibitors' night.
If you've been reading this blog recently,
you can easily pick out my stuff.
This concludes our visit to the fair.
(There was so much that we didn't see.)
Hope you enjoyed my version of
the 2013 Lake County Fair.
And thanks for visiting! 


Silverlotus said...

Oh, that seems like so much fun! I haven't been to a country fair in years. I wonder if there are any around here...

Happy Baker said...

Congrats on all your ribbons! You do fabulous work and clearly judges thought so too (congrats to other guild members as well).

Julie said...

So wonderful, what a great haul of ribbons you all won, well done.

Carol said...

I wish they had county fairs around here still... it looks like a wonderful time! And so many ribbons you won--congratulations. They are all well-deserved :)

Brigitte said...

It certainly was a lot of fun.

Karen said...

Looks like a great time! I love the deformed vegetable lol. Left me guessing at what it actually was. :)

Deb said...

Great pictures! Looks like you had a wonderful day. Wow, what a big pumpkin !