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Thursday, January 5, 2017

The 2017 List - Part 3

Today's WIP is from one of my favorite designers, Kathy Rees from Needle Delights Originals.  Regular readers of this blog will recognize Spring Logs.
This is the ongoing project (SAL) from my ANG chapter.  Our collective goal for the end of January is, I believe, the green "log" in the right-hand section.  I'm a little ahead of that.

Here is a close-up of the newest section.
I may have to loiter a bit to stay current with this SAL.

Molly wanted to pop in and say "hi."  

She says she needs to be featured more on this here blog.  
I don't know about that.  

She's had a very frustrating dry skin condition every winter since we've had her; she just scratches and bites at herself during most of her waking hours.  It seems to start and end with heating season.  In past years we've been able to manage it (just barely) with a combination of over-the-counter meds, large amounts of Omega-3 and our humidifier, but this year she's been scratching herself raw.  She saw the vet on Monday and we got a bottle of Apoquel ("the miracle anti-itch drug"), and so far it seems to be working!  That's the good news.  The bad news is that the vet discovered two growths in her mammary glands that will need to be removed.  We'll know more about them after her surgery.  Any good thoughts you can send her way will be appreciated. I'll keep you updated as things progress later on in the month.

Thanks for stopping by.

Tomorrow:  my first new start of 2017!


CalamityJr said...

I'll be keeping Molly in my prayers. I hate when our fur babies are miserable; poor things can't tell us how they're feeling and how to help them. As for your stitching, I think it's better to be ahead than behind. You never know what might slow you down in the future, and if stitching it is making you happy...

Linda said...

Beautiful project and I love the colors. Sending hugs and happy thoughts to Molly and her family.


Anne said...

Love your newest "logs!"
Holding good thoughts for Molly.

Robin in Virginia said...

Your logs look fabulous. Hello Molly! What a cutie you are; you will be in my thoughts as you go through your surgery.

Julie said...

I love to see your canvaswork, its always so gorgeous.
Healing wishes for your lovely furry friend.

Bea said...

Such beautiful colours. I think it's a bonus to be a little ahead, you never know what's coming at you.

Best wishes and good luck to Molly. Hate it when my furbabies are sick, so hope this turns out to be nothing serious.

Carol said...

Aw... poor Molly. I hope the surgery goes well and that she will make a full recovery!