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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

It's Fair Season!

Hey Blog Buddies,
I don't know about you, but this City Girl loves me some county fairs.  My favorite fair for the last couple of decades has been (and is) the Lake County (IN) Fair.  I had to put in IN, because we also have a Lake County here in IL.  (Lake County, IL, may have a Fair, but that's too far for me to drive.  Yes, Lake County IN is way closer to where I live.)

But today we went to the Porter County (IN) Fair.  The Porter County Fairgrounds are just south of Valparaiso ("Valpo" if you're a local).  One of the things I love about county fairs are contests like this:

This is the "tallest corn" contest.
As you can see, they are all
almost 13 feet high.

This year is also my first time entering some of my stitchy stuff in the Fair's "Home Economics Open Class."  (You knew there would be "stitchy stuff," didn't you?)  So, let's get right to it.

The photos are not the best.  It is pretty dark in the Expo Center, and you really can't use a flash because almost everything is behind glass (and I didn't bring a tripod, which would have helped alleviate camera shake).  But anyway.

A couple of friends from my Guild also entered, and I photographed most of their stuff, too.  S entered 5 items (3 are below) and D entered a whopping 12 items (11 are below).  I entered 4 things.  Let's start with the prolific D.  This lady doesn't have a blog.  She really needs to start one.  Wait'll you see her stuff:

This is in the "Wreath, Door or Holiday Decoration" class.
Love it!

This is a very lovely band sampler
being totally obliterated
by the sign which says
"Miscellaneous Needlecraft,
Combination of Techniques."
Why did they do that?

A darling scissor fob and needle case(?)
The blue you see lurking beneath the sign
is a ribbon.

The cutest little amulet bag that we did as a Guild project.
Love the colors that she chose!
Yes, another blue ribbon.

Yes, the category is
"Counted Thread
Up to 8" x 10"
Cross Stitch, Framed"
They have some weird categories, IMO.
Another blue ribbon.
And another great piece.

Very cute pillow (I'm running out of adjective).
The category is
"Special Occasion, Needleart"
Huh?  Isn't it all needleart?

Fabulous beaded ornie.
No ribbon.

The label and ribbon speak for themselves.
Yes, she beads, too.

More beady delights.
Another blue ribbon.

See the second place ribbon
on this Lavender and Lace angel?
This is a big piece, Blog Buddies--
I'm guessing 16 x 20 inches.
This is dedication.
I know by now you're probably
not feeling too sorry for D.
But second place, come on!

Here is what won first place:

This is in the
Counted Threadwork
Linen - Cross Stitch -Framed
Oh wait, I have a better photo.

Yes, it's mine.
But it's not exactly cross stitch.
I had entered it in a different category
(Other, maybe? - can't remember)
and was told to change it
by the intake person
when I brought it in.
It's not really big, about 7 x 7.
I'm not saying it's not nice, but
D, you were robbed!

Here is D's entry in the Sampler class (on linen).

Here is mine (on linen).

And here's the winner.
On aida cloth.
(You never know what the judges are thinking.)

This is a really spiffy canvas piece from S,
which lost to...

This little canvas piece of mine.
Really? Again, hmmm.
(It did look a little better
before the bow came out!)
These are just my opinions.

Here is a really cute needlebook from S.
I don't know if you can make it out,
but there's a darling tatted(!) butterfly
on the cover.

Here is a really stunning beaded necklace from S.
The photo doesn't do it justice.
She is an expert beader, too!

The fourth thing I entered
was this little canvaswork ornie.
There were only five ornaments entered!  Only five!

I often wonder why more stitchers don't try their luck at Fairs.  I know you all are out there.  I was disappointed not to see anything from Lelia or Karol, they've exhibited here in the past.  Maybe next year.  It really is a lot of fun.  The thing to remember is not to go in with any expectations.  Almost invariably, the pieces I think are shoo-ins don't do so well, and those that I think of as cannon fodder tend to surpise me.

I leave you with this:

Now where else but a county fair
could you get deep-fried Kool-Aid???

Hope you are all having Summer Fun.
Thanks for visiting!


Karen said...

All of the pieces entered are beautiful! That's great that you won some ribbons as well! I've never heard of deep fried Kool-Aid and can only imagine what it is! lol

Sally said...

Wow there are some amazing stitched pieces there!

Congratulations on winning some ribbons :)

Vonna said...

Hurray on your Fair Entries....I too was shaking my head at the ribbons some received over others..did the same thing here at our fair. But anyway, come this Sunday, I'll be giving my fair report and my ribbons received. This was teh first time I've ever entered anything.

NANI said...
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Lelia said...

Congrats on your fair entries.

It must be a challenge for judges to award ribbons. Your specialty stitches are spectacular, "D's" counted cross angel, stunning - A Shame they were in same category.