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Friday, July 15, 2011

A Third Ornie

Hey Blog Buddies,
I finished my third ornament!  Now I am all set for my Guild's display, items for which are due in November.  Don't believe I have ever been this early in getting them done.  Instead of the LHN ornament that I was planning on making to go with the other two, I opted for (surprise) something in blackwork.

The photos are of really poor quality.  I was rushing around, trying to get the ornament finished (and then photographed) and still be in time for the Guild meeting.  I wanted to include this third ornie with the other two I planned to give to the finisher.  One of the good things about belonging to a Guild--and there are many--is that you meet all sorts of talented people.  Our Guild has at least three members who finish ornaments and other small items for those, like me, who are challenged in that department.  (I strolled into the meeting with about a minute to spare.)

I had originally started stitching the ornament on an ecru ground, but with the gold in the bells, I didn't like how it was turning out.  But I kept on stitching the first bell, hoping that somehow by the time I was done I would love the look of the ornament.  You and I know that never works.  At least I decided to change the color of the ground (and the floss) after making only one bell.

It may not look much different in these photos, but the ground on the finished piece is white and, of course, I got rid of the gold fibers.  I am waiting impatiently for the "finished" finished ornies so that I can (hopefully) show you some decent snaps.

I got the pattern out of this book.  I found it, among other things, when I was cleaning out my closets last month.

It has lots of cute little patterns and gives you step-by-step instructions for a ton of filling stitches.  It would be great for a beginner who is interested in doing a little blackwork.  I believe I got mine at Nordic Needle.  Amazon might have it, too.  I'm sure there are many people reading this blog right now who are saying to themselves, "Gee, what a swell book!  Gotta get a copy for myself!"   One or two of you at least.  Anyone??  Oh well.

That's it for this installment.  If your locality is having hot and humid temps like us here in the Midwest, stay cool this weekend.  Thanks for visiting!

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Lelia said...

Fabulous bell ornaments. You are very talented with blackwork! Traditionally, the needleworkers used black/gold fibers all the time. I like the red and green - very festive!

Enjoy the week-end