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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A New Start, and a Birthday Gift

Hey Blog Buddies,

I've put CT13 aside for now and decided I needed something a little smaller to balance it out, so I started "I Stitch..." on Monday.  Here is my minuscule progress:

You may be wondering why I skipped
over the "IT" in STITCH.
This is a very old freebie from 1997,
and the directions said to use
SNC Sherbet, "a special 1997 edition color."
Well, no one at the LNS was quite sure
what color that was, so we guessed 
and picked out a variegated light orange.

I know it shows up great in this photo,
but stitched in real life, it just didn't pop--
especially with all the ecru in so many of the bands.
I had stitched the STIT in the coral/yellow,
then I tried the bolder variegated on the CH,
frogged the STIT, 
went back to the beginning of the word, 
and that's why I ended up with
ST   CH.

Yesterday was my birthday, so we took a trip
to The Lake (by which I mean Lake Michigan).
We spotted a strange-looking (to us) waterfowl
with a white head and a black-and-white
striped body.

He wasn't in my Birds of Illinois book,
so I have no clue what type of bird this is.
That's the only photo I got of him,
he saw me and started swimming away fast.

We had lunch at a new (to us) restaurant,
The Flying Saucer in Humboldt Park,
which is a neighborhood in Chicago.

It may look a little sketchy from the outside,
but the inside of the restaurant was clean
and the food was good.
I love funky little neighborhood places like this.
(I'm a pretty cheap date.)

The day was absolutely gorgeous
and warmed up quickly--no jackets required.
I even went without a jacket,
and I'm the first to get chilly.

At the end of the day, I peeked at my blog
and got my final birthday present:

Watch this space
because I plan to do something special
for one of my followers very soon.

Hope you're liking the weather where you're at.
Thanks so much for visiting!


CalamityJr said...

So glad you enjoyed your birthday - looks like it was a great time!

Carla said...

Happy birthday!
Love the thread color you're using to stiitch the freebie

Faith... said...

Happy Belated Birthday!

Yesterday was a BEAUTIFUL DAY in Chicagoland...hope today is just as great if not better.

Love the floss you are using for your I Stitch piece.

Lelia said...

What a fun BD! thx for sharing. i don't recognize the bird, (water fowl) either.

Congrats on your 100 followers. I look forward to reading your posts! Always a treat.

Joysze said...

Happy Belated Birthday!! :D and congrats on the 100+ followers. :D