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Sunday, March 4, 2012

This 'n' That

Hey Blog Buddies,

Yesterday my guild held a This 'n' That workshop.  There were 30-minute demos of techniques such as the pinhead stitch, using a laying tool, attaching beads to linen so that they are not slanted, mounting a finished piece on a board for framing, the history of scissors, and a small bargello project.  All this was free to members--even the canvas and chart for the bargello!  Everything was very well done, fun and informative, but of particular interest to me was the mounting technique (lacing), since I have a lot of smaller projects that need to get finish-finished.  Here is a small seasonal piece that I started just a few days ago--mounted and framed last night:

This is from the Springology leaftlet from The Trilogy.
The design measures a scant 3" x 3".

Here are two more projects finished recently
(mounted and framed last night)
that readers of this blog will remember:

S is for Spring from The Prairie Schooler...

...and Snow Patches from the Cross-Eyed Cricket.
Yes, I know winter is just about over
despite the fact that we are still getting flurries here,
but this guy is now ready for next winter!

The talk on the history of scissors was
really interesting, and I brought
an unusual specimen for show 'n' tell:

This was a gift to me from a friend.
The shears (since it's longer than 6 inches)
has 5 sets of blades, good for shredding paper.

Hope you're having a fun weekend.
Thanks for visiting!


Anne said...

Lovely frames there!! Where did you get them? That workshop sounds like it was really good!! I've done the lace method myself but I have a hard time finding frames that actually work for cross stitch!! Those shears look like they are SHARP!!!!

Jackie said...

What a great idea for a guild gathering! I think that sometimes the worst part of trying something new is just getting over the fear of trying something new. The demos your guild put on really help out with that by showing everyone that it's really doable!

Southpaw Stitcher said...

The top frame came from Designer's Desk in Geneva, IL; the bottom two frames came from House of Stitches in LaPorte, IN. Both are needlework shops, and have a nice selection of ready-made frames.

Mindi said...

Your guild workshop sounds like it was great, all sorts of interesting things to learn.

robindefender said...

INteresting scissors! I saw the photo before I read what they were for, and I wondered if they were for chopping salad.

Congrats on getting several pretty pieces framed. I am really bad about finishing designs and not getting around to framing them for a looong time.

Chris said...

Beautiful finishes and it sounds like your guild event was great!!

Joysze said...

Those are beautifully framed. :D Interesting looking scissors!!!

Sally said...

Those frames are beautiful. They compliment your stitching so well.

milly said...


Your finishes are beautiful and your Guild night sounds great!

Mangogirl said...

gorgeous framing