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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Uptown Stitcher: The Farewell Tour

Dear Patient Blog Buddies,

You may have thought (hoped) that you'd seen the last of our old friend, the Uptown Stitcher, but she's just come back from the finisher, and I just knew that you all are so interested to see what she looks like now, and wanted one last look at her.  You do want one last look, don't you?  (I thought so.)   She went on a "trip" and I'm sharing her vacation snapshots.  She insisted on doing the narration:

"What is this supposed to be?
The International Quilt Show?
Are your readers that gullible?"  ... U. Stitcher

"I'm at The Library of Congress, right?
This is embarrassing."  ...U. Stitcher

"I guess this is supposed to be the Lincoln Park Conservatory.
Any 4-year-old can tell I'm perched on the
back of a sofa in someone's living room!"  ... U. Stitcher

"If you think this is the Morton Arboretum, think again.
I was stuck into a bush in a rather scruffy looking backyard!
I think I'm getting a sunburn and I feel faint."   ... U. Stitcher

"I'm surprised she didn't make me pose with this beast!
The minute I arrived here, it tried to dismember me!
I fear for my life!!"  ... U. Stitcher

"Beast?  Is there a beast in the house? Where can I hide?
Is my new chew toy handy?  She would comfort me."  ... Molly

"In the microwave?  Really??
I have fallen into the clutches of a madwoman!
I must phone the authorities!!   ... U. Stitcher

Well, that's all folks.
You can kiss her good-bye.
I will be dealing with her diatribes
for quite a while, I fear.

For those of you wondering about
the details of the finishing,
her base, back and piping
are all purple Ultrasuede.

Hope you are having a good first week of spring
(or autumn, as the hemisphere dictates).

And thanks for visiting!


robindefender said...

Looks great. Cute photos.

CalamityJr said...

Ms. Uptown looks mahvelous (dahling), and she certainly took a whirlwind trip! Hope she doesn't drive you too much to distraction.

Mouse said...

hahahaha ... love the dialogue from your uptown stitcher ... and adore her wee bags :) love mouse xxxxx

Julie said...

Hahaha..I think she looks brilliant.Hope we see her every now and then. :)

Sharon said...

Too cute and she is finished wonderfully! I enjoyed her tour! LOL

Otter said...

I have given you a Liebster Blog award. I love your work!



Mary Ivancicts said...

I love her!!!!

Minnie said...

That is one of the most adorable finishes I have seen in a long while and I love her comments on her travels.

Mary Ivancicts said...

I just gave you a Liebster Blog award

Mary Ivancicts said...

Read my blog:

about the award

SoCal Debbie said...

Oh, she is adorable! Wonderful stitching and a great finish. I am visiting your blog since Otter's Ocean gave you the Liebster Award!

geeky Heather said...

LOL!!! Congrats on having a fully functional Uptown Stitcher at your place. Looks like she will be a handful!

Moonsilk Stitches said...

What a hoot--this was a great tour!

Joysze said...

ROFL!!! LOVE her. :D