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Monday, March 10, 2014

March Turtle Trot

Hey Blog Buddies,

It's the tenth day of the month, so it's Turtle Trot progress time.

Turtle shell deep in the snow in March--how sad is that?
Moving on...

First up, we have the ever-popular canvaswork pumpkin.  Here is where I was at last month:

And here is where I'm at now:

I hope you guys aren't getting too bored with this.  It's gonna be a long haul.

And a close-up to add a little interest...

Next, we have Cool Cardinal:
last month

...this month.  A finish!

In the third spot, we have Mates:

...last month...

...and this month.
As I look at my monitor,
his eye looks like it has maybe three colors,
but that's not the case.
It has a minimum of 20 colors--all in one tiny space.
I'm glad it's done!

Finally, I dragged out my hardanger piece.
 To refresh your memory since we haven't played with it for a while,
here is what it looks like--
kind of ugly since it's been folded up in a bag
since 2006.

I worked a little on the satin stitches in the center
in January of 2013.
This is where I left off.

Here's where I'm at now.
I'm actually surprised the satin stitches lined up!
I also did a bunch of eyelets in the lower right triangle.
Not too much progress,
but any progress on this piece is good.
And for the hardanger mavens out there
who are wondering why I am doing the eyelets
after I started cutting the ground,
all I can say is, I originally decided (in 2006)
that I didn't want the satin stitches and eyelets.
Now I've change my mind.
Wish me luck that the cut ends of the ground don't come loose!
(There are a lot more eyelets!)

Hope your weekend was good.
I went to yet another workshop which was really fun,
but more on that later.

Thanks for visiting!


Happy Baker said...

Coming along very nicely on the pumpkin, the mates and the hardanger. Cool Cardinal is really cute - love him and it will be a nice addition to your home! Keep up the great work! As always, my inspiration.

Fidike said...

Thanks for sharing with us all these beauties!

Von said...

What a wide variety of projects, each one is so pretty! Good luck with the hardanger. It's great you've made new progress on an old WIP. There are some that old in my piles too. :)

Linda said...

Congrats on the cute finish. Wonderful progress on the other pieces.


Sarah Beth said...

Love the pumpkin. I just started doing needlepoint. I go to a shop in Cincinnati called a stitch above. I like itg there a lot. I really enjoy it. I feel as if its a natural progression from cross stitch. I love all the fun stitches and fibers.

Anonymous said...

beautiful stitching

Preeti said...

Congrats on the finish!! You have projects with different stitch types. Canvas work looks interesting !!

Anonymous said...

Wow, I love these before and after pictures. Sometimes it seems we work on something and it never gets anywhere...but your photos show the true progress. I love it. Love all your work!

Carol said...

Congratulations on your cardinal finish--that is so cute!!

SilverThread said...

The pumpkin is lovely! Bravo on the hardanger piece too, that is a lot of work.

Silverlotus said...

Great work! The pumpkin is looking especially good.

Julie said...

Great close up of the canvaswork, its fabulous.
Love the hardanger, very pretty.

Anne said...

Very impressive work on all your lovely projects! Amazing!!!

~ Toni ~ said...

Brrr, I think the turtle wants a sweater, lol :) Congrats on the finish. Amazing how those eyes in Mates have so many thread but it really makes them look real. Thank you for the close-ups of your canvas work, very nice.